The Precinct Strategy: How to Take Back the Party at the Grass Roots Level

The Power of Three-Tenths of One Percent of Seventy-Four Million

I came across this strategy a year ago but did not know what I could do about it. Finally, I was able to discover how to implement it. I am now the committeeman for my precinct. Read below to find out more.

If you want to get real about political change this is the way to do it. Anyone can do this.

From the website:

“In a nutshell, this is what every conservative — including you, dear reader — needs to do ASAP —

” if our goal is to have our state legislators pass election reform laws requiring all counties to stop using any kind of imaging machines for counting votes and, instead, return us to the “gold standard” of counting votes: hand-counting at the polling locations before the paper ballots are allowed to leave the premises and making voting by mail the exception and not the rule.

“The first step in taking back our government, by electing better, people, is by taking back the Republican Party from those running it now. And that means YOU becoming a precinct committeeman for your voting precinct. (Precinct committeeman is called different things in different states (precinct chair, precinct delegate, precinct committee officer, member, etc.; the bottom line is that you want to become a voting member of your local or county committee, and it is not difficult to do so.)”