The Left Was Never Right. And They Don’t Run Louisiana Any More. Thank God.

We’re seeing a good bit of caterwauling by leftists over developments at the current legislative session. They’re complaining about virtually every bill winding through the process and screeching over what they think is “destruction” of the state’s lower classes.

You see a nonstop parade of these miserable people now. Many of them are Louisiana’s “mainstream” media who are unhappy over SB482, a bill by Sen. Heather Cloud which would “gut” the state’s open records law

It’s funny, because we here at The Hayride used to do public records requests all the time and it was almost comical how little cooperation, transparency or truth we got from Louisiana’s bureaucracy.

And it isn’t just us.

There were two bills – and now there’s just one – in the Louisiana legislature this session which would put a stop to the state’s pension funds doing far-left ESG investing. SB 5, which was Sen. Blake Miguez’ bill on this subject, died in the Senate. But HB 902, a bill by Rep. Michael Melerine, would do the same thing and it came out of the House Labor and Industrial Relations Committee today on its way to the House floor.

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