Whistleblower targeted after exposing 973% surge in heart failure among Navy pilots

A United States Navy medic who blew the whistle on an explosive report showing a massive increase in heart issues among military pilots has been blocked by the Department of Defense (DOD) from accessing his work computer. Navy Medical Service Corps Lt. Ted Macie shared shocking information about the surge in heart failure among military personnel. Macie claimed that members of the U.S. military have experienced massive increases in heart-related issues, presenting Defense Department data showing the following:

·        937% increase in heart failure

·        152% increase in cardiomyopathy

·        69% increase in ischemic heart disease

·        36% increase in hypertensive disease

·        63% increase in other forms of heart disease

According to information published by the U.S. Army, 97% of active-duty U.S. troops are fully vaccinated90% of Army National Guard members are fully vaccinated, and 91% of U.S. Army Reserve members are fully vaccinated.

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